Prey by Michael Crichton (A Book Review)

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Prey by Michael Crichton (A Book Review)Prey by Michael Crichton
Published by Avon on 2004
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller Books
Pages: 366
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon
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Synopsis of the Book ‘Prey’ By Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton’s novel ‘Prey’ is essentially about a swarm of rogue microrobots that have escaped from the lab and the attempt of a few scientists trying to retrieve them from the Nevada desert.

The nanorobot Swarm is self-reproducing, self-sustaining and learns from experience like real-life A.I. The argument is that the nanorobot Swarm is alive, learning, and ready to kill.

The program that has been implemented in the microrobot swarm is named Predator-Prey and therefore the Swarm acts as a predator and the scientists are the prey.

A beautiful thriller book that has no boring parts and is exciting throughout the entire novel.

In essence, Michael Crichton is a masterful storyteller of thrillers and new technologies.

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First Sentence of the Novel ‘Prey’

Day 1 10:04AM
“Things never turn out the way you think they will.”

My Opinion of Michael Crichton Novel ‘Prey’

Prey by Michael Crichton was a breath of fresh air after reading a lot of non-fiction books that were mostly dry and boring.

The start begins with the husband where he begins to think that his wife is having an affair. Basically a family situation that is starting to get worse and worse.

Prey by Michael Crichton (Book Review)
Michael Crichton’s Prey Novel –
a superswarm of nanomachines of deadly proportions has escaped and is rearing to destroy!

However that wife (Julia) is the one who is at the centre of this novel and the problem of the new swarm of nanotechnology.

The setting then changes from the family house to the Nevada desert when the husband (the main character of this novel) goes to the Nevada desert in order to try to fix or attempt to control the out-of-control Swarm.

Here we begin to see what is actually going on with this swarm and how dangerous it is.

It is a self learning, self-sustaining nanoswarm that is very dangerous – killing small animals and even perhaps humans.

(Love science fiction thrillers? Then you’d love this!)

The tension begins to build as there is a race against time to stop the nanobot swarm before it destroys everyone at the Nevada Desert factory complex.

However, we come full circle as at the end of the novel the great mystery that was set up in the first half of the novel begins to unravel.

Of course, we come to the main fight at the end of the novel where two coalitions face head to head against each other and we never know who’s going to win.

Michael Crichton’s Prey Book is Never boring, always something to keep us interested

I love how there are not just one main story line in the novel but two.

The first storyline begins at the first half of the novel and we seem to be intrigued.

Michael Crichton's Prey Novel is one scary novel!
Even the front cover of Michael Crichton’s Prey Novel screams ‘Run!’

Halfway through however with the change of scenery to the Nevada desert, we begin to come up and close personal with the Swarm that is wreaking havoc at the lab.

(Click here for a slow burning thriller book that rips your pants off with tension!)

Then of course at the end of the novel, we have a big fight that makes us rush page through page to finish the novel to see who is going to win.

Without these two mysteries & thrillers coming together in one novel it wouldn’t have been a page turner like it is.

This just shows how Michael Crichton is able to weave together a smart narrative that always keep us wanting to read more!


Prey by Michael Crichton seems quite small because of the size of the pages however it is a respectable 366 pages long.

Despite that I was able to quickly finished the book, flying page through page, because of how exciting it was with no boring parts at all.

There was no major twist at the end because you could easily see what was going to come.

(Here’s another family tradegy within a book you might want to read about too!)

However it was exciting enough that I wanted to finish the book.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants an easy and fast read that keeps you interested and excited throughout the novel.

My Rating of Michael Crichton’s Novel ‘Prey’: 5/5

I give Michael Crichton’s novel Prey five stars out of five.

There are no skippable parts and there’s nothing specifically I could ask to be changed in the novel.

Just to know that this is a thriller book and not a mystery. So the big twist at the end was not really at twist but it still keeps you reading faster and faster to finish the book.

Find all details about Michael Crichton’s Book Prey on GoodReads and Amazon.

A.J. McMahon
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    • Haha you should! They are good!
      I read Andromeda strain before but it was as nearly as good as Prey!
      It’s really a good thriller book you can start and finish easily! 🙂


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