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I can review your books!

If you would like to contact me so that I can review your book, please use the contact form below.

Please also include information such as:

  • Book Title
  • Genre of book
  • A quick blurb / pitch of the book
  • GoodReads links to your book or author page (if you have it)
  • Amazon links to your book or author page (if you have it)

I prefer to receive book files as MOBI or EPUB.

Genres I prefer to review:

For your information, I prefer to review the following genres (although if the books sounds interesting, I will review it as well):

1. Science Fiction or Speculative Fiction
2. Historical Fiction
3. Thriller or Crime Fiction
4. Korean Books
5. Translated Books, such as East Asia or South East Asia plus others
6. Any other books (e.g. Indie Books are fine too)

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