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Thoughts on Time Travel #SciFi

Time dilation in Joe Haldeman's The Forever War makes sense. The closing you get to the speed of light then relative to other observers (e.g....

Currently Reading #HugoAward #NebulaAward

I am currently reading all the joint Hugo and Nebula winners. I have already set it up on my kindle. I read through at least...

How to Play Chess

100 Chess Endgames You Must Know to Win! (by Jesus de...

100 Chess Endgames You Must Know to Win! (by Jesus de la Villa) Chess Endgames are the one thing you...

The French Defense – Learn a Top 3 Chess Opening for...

The French Defense - Learn a Top 3 Chess Opening for Black The French Defense is a Semi-Open or...

How to Learn Korean!

Language Super Challenge

Language Super Challenge 2019 So, here it is! The Language Super Challenge 2019!By the end of December 2019, you...
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