My Reading WishList

My Reading Wishlist! Hello, folks!Because we have started the's "100 Books in 2019 Challenge" we thought that you might need to get an idea of what books to delve into! Here's where "My Reading Wishlist" comes into play! What's a Reading Wishlist? It's all the books that … Continue reading

100 Books in 2019 Challenge!

100 Books in 2019 Challenge! Hello, everyone! We're back again with a new challenge in 2019 to spruce up your life! With all the rain and bad weather we have been having in Australia recently it's time to get under the bed covers and read some lovely books! So, we have a new challenge which … Continue reading

Language Super Challenge

Language Super Challenge 2019 So, here it is! The Language Super Challenge 2019!By the end of December 2019, you need to read 100 books and watch 100 movies/podcasts! It's one way to dramatically improve your language skills in Korean by actually listening and reading authentic Korean … Continue reading

Extensive Listening

Extensive Listening in Korean! Not only do we need extensive reading in Korean for our Korean language skills, but we also need extensive listening in Korean as well! The best way to get extensive listening resources for Korean is through the app called "Podcast Addict". Get Started in … Continue reading