Winter is Never Forever – Poetry Writing #13

POETY 13 - Winter is Never Forever (FLYINTOBOOKS.COM)
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Winter is Never Forever – Poetry Writing #13

This is a poem that I wrote by myself.
Some night are dark and some feelings are strong, and so I write poetry in order to empty my cup and renew my energy! I hope you enjoy the poem below which I wrote myself. The title is ‘Winter is Never Forever’.

Donning his heavy armour the boy rushed out.
Emptiness and cold – he got ready for his bout.
Brown leaves on the ground, he shivered about.
He kept his pace up but began to doubt.

Looking behind he saw his shadow,
Nothing more, not even a sparrow.
Clouds blackening, beginning to flow,
Through the sky towards tomorrow.

He was young, fit and fast,
But alas he was not to last,
He looked around at his heavy task,
He just wanted the sun, in which to bask.

Summertime is never coming,
If you just think about running.
You must turn and face your fears,
If you want to end the tears.

Winter is merely second base,
In a baseball game of automatic haste.
Don’t let your efforts go to waste,
Keep going, fight for your case.

Look to the future,
Understand the cycle.
Time will deliver,
Announcing your arrival.

Winter is Never Forever

What did you think of today’s poem?
Did it resonate with you?
Let me know in the comments below!! =)

See you in the next post!
A.J. McMahon

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