When will the time be up? – Poetry writing #12

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When will the time be up? – Poetry Writing #12

This is another poem that I wrote myself.
I hope that you enjoy it!
The title is ‘When will the time be up?’

An island all alone.
The sea all around.
Trapped but looking.
Looking but lost.

Where are you?
Where am I?
What do you want?
Why are you here?

To bear the sea,
Is all I can be.
Why must you see?
That I want to be free.

I wasted my youth,
Searching for the honest truth.
Old people tell me to keep going,
But what am I owing?

I count down the time,
Told to get in line.
I got full marks,
But yet he always remarks:


When will the time be up?
When will the time be up?
When will the time be up?
When will it all be done?

when will the time be up? (Poetry writing)
When will the time be up?

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What about time travel?

What did you think of today’s poem?
Did it resonate with you?
Let me know in the comments below!! =)

See you in the next post!
A.J. McMahon

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  1. Hi AJ, nice to meet you but I’m a bit confused … your blog is mainly about chess but you add poetry and book reviews. Is this poem your composition or from the book you reviewed?

    Much easier when we set our own goals rather than be pushed by others to study and work 🙂 Welcome to WP 🙂


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