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Min Jin Lee has been a novelist for a long time, but her lastest novel Pachinko has made a few splashwaves in recent times.

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Although the book Pachinko was released last year (2017) by Korean American author Min Jin Lee, many major newspapers are writing new reviews and posts about Lee’s book now.

Checkout the Guardian’s 2017 review of Pachinko here:

The Guardian’s review of Pachinko

Recently, it has been found that a TV Series will be made based on the book.

Apple will produce the series based on Pachinko.

Furthermore, Min Jin Lee has organised a few signings and fan meetings this year as well.

(Want to know what a Pachinko machine is in Min Jin Lee’s novel? Click here!)

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This has garnered a few more reviews and interviews for the author.

Click here for the Book Trail’s 2018 review.

Min Jin Lee has described in her book an immigrant’s experience but decidely has shown how a family of Korean nationals immigrated to Japan and the repercussions of this.

In particular, it is an epic historical novel that follows a Korean family’s struggles in Japan over eight decades and four generations.

(Love meta-fictional murder? Then you gotta check out The Impossible Fairytale!)

Recently, many book clubs have decided to read Pachinko and there are many good discussions to be had following the themes of the book, including identity and what people can learn from the bible.

Here are discussion questions from the New York Times.

It flows quickly with some very intense periods, and I highly recommend the book.

(A fuller book review will be published shortly).

Another great Korean Historical novel is: White Chrysanthemum by Mary Lynn-Bracht!

What did you think of Pachinko by Min Jin Lee? Let me know here!

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