On Learning Latin

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On Learning Latin

Let’s learn Latin! Our goal here at FlyIntoBooks.com is to learn more about the world through the Great Books of the Western World, as well as Great Literature Books. We also want to learn history through learning the game of chess, and to learn of other cultures like Korea and China.

In effect, we want to become a man of the renaissance, or in other words a polymath. That is, someone who is skilled in many areas of life, history and politics.

We also want to have a more strengthened spiritual life, while also developing our body and mind.

So, as part of the above goals we are going to continue our journey by opening another avenue – we are going to start learning latin.

Why latin? We not only learn more about the culture and history of Ancient Rome and Greece, but we also learn more about the later Romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish, etc.) as well as the background of the Great Books of the Western World.

While studying Latin, we will undoubtedly read in the original sources from the Great Books of the Western World, thus getting closer to the originals and really feeling the history on the page. That is our intent.

So after a little search online, we have discovered our plan of attack.

How to Study Latin:

First, we will use the best Latin textbook out there:

Second, we will go through a course using Wheelock’s Latin as a courebook:

Third, in order to get some background on Latin and the connections with English and history we will go through OpenUniversity’s free course on Latin:

So, what do you think?

Latin Study Schedule:

Here’s our study schedule to learn Latin!

  1. Learn How to Pronounce Latin, Words and Sentences (OpenU)
  2. Study the chapter in Wheelock’s Latin 7th Edition textbook
  3. Watch the lecture series on Wheelock’s latin (udemy.com)
  4. Listen to the Vocabulary to learn pronunciation
  5. Review the grammar with Rebecca Cefaratti’s videos
  6. Review the grammar with LatinLessons videos
  7. Worksheets, etc. in Teacher Page on Wheelock’s Latin Page

What should we write about next?
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