Who wears the Crown? – Poetry Writing #11

Who wears the crown? poetry writing (flyintobooks.com)
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Who wears the crown? – Poetry Writing #11

This is a poem that I wrote myself.
I hope you like it! I am just getting started in poetry writing but action is worth more than words.
Therefore, I’m writing and practising!
The title for this poem is ‘Who wears the crown?’

Two hundred bright flashes or more.
We don’t need to close the door.
Already too late.
There goes the gate.
Up high, flying,
Burning, dying.

Two giants fighting,
Everyone else crying,
There is no need,
for us to bleed,
Why must you fight?
Who cares who’s right?
What matters is us,
Not the terminus.

One elephant higher,
The other one down,
Of course, you’re the fighter
Who wants the crown,
But what about the Earth?
With the trees and bees?
You destroyed the worth
Of our humanity, geez!

No worries now.
Time to say ciao.
Not just me,
But everyone – humanity…

Who wears the crown?

What did you think of today’s poem?
Did it resonate with you?
Let me know in the comments below!! =)

A.J. McMahon

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