Oslo Spies by S.J. Slagle – #BookReview #Spy #Thriller

White Chrysanthemum by Mary Lynn Bracht – #BookPreview #Historical Fiction George Orwell’s 1984 Big Brother: Your Burning Questions Answered The Good Son Book Review – #YouJeongJeong Synopsis of Oslo Spies (by S.J. Slagle): In S.J. Slagle’s Oslo Spies, Norway is a destroyed country at the end of World War II. Norway lost hundreds of teachers and religious… Continue reading Oslo Spies by S.J. Slagle – #BookReview #Spy #Thriller

The Gapcai Effect by W.S. Jenkins – #BookReview

Synopsis of The Gapcai Effect: In The Gapcai Effect, Space scientist Toba Antanari, of the interstellar civilization GAPCAI, has always had an obsession with reaching another star that supports humanoid life. After discovering the planet Earth when streaming data begins to return from probes that tracked the life of every human since the year 1637, he… Continue reading The Gapcai Effect by W.S. Jenkins – #BookReview