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My Exercise Log

So, here it is. I’ve been exercising a LOT recently, and I’ve been wanting to make up a quick exercise log to keep track of what I’m doing! So I decided to make a exercise log here!

I’m just gonna just keep updating this page as I keep doing more exercise. Let’s see how long it’s gonna get! haha

If you want to exercise with me, you can use the tag #exercisewithAndy on Instagram =)

1. 17th April 2019 (WED)

  • 18 squats (SquatApp – W1D1)
  • Afternoon Run – 7.71km, 11’35/km, 1:29:18

2. 20th April 2019 (SAT)

3. 23rd April 2019 (TUES)

4. 27th April 2019 (SAT)

  • 32 Squats (SquatApp – W2D1)
  • 32 Knee Pushups (PushupApp – W3D1)

5. 19th May 2019 (SUN)

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Do Something Awesome. Tell a Friend:
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