Korean Core 6k – Week 1 Day 2

Korean Core 6k - Week 1 Day 2 (FlyIntoBooks.com)
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Hello everyone! Welcome to week 1 day 2 of FlyIntoBooks.com‘s Korean core 6k. This is the second installment of the Korean vocabulary series of our Korean Language Walkthrough. This vocabulary series will help you learn the most frequent words in the Korean language.

If you haven’t learnt week 1 day 1’s words yet, you can see the previous list here: Korean Core 6k – Week 1 Day 1.

Remember in our Korean core 6k list that we don’t focus on simple L1->L2 word meanings. Instead we use L2 sentences that include the L2 target word, as well as the L1 translation of the L2 sentence.

This helps you to learn the most frequent Korean words in context, and also helps you start reading Korean sentences from the get-go.

This vocabulary series is for Korean learners who are Upper Beginner to Lower Intermediate. (NOTE: you need to be able to read Hangeul. If you don’t know how to read Hangeul yet then go here to go through our FREE Hangeul Master course -> to be completed).

If you have finished studying Week 1 Day 2 of our Korean core 6k, then go to the Korean 6k Week 1 Day 2 practice section (To be completed) to check your understanding and usage of the words.

Here is the codes used in the last column of the table:
(>>): The usual structure of the sentence where the word is used.
(X): The antonym of the word.
(=): The synonym of the word.
(R): The respectful form of the word.
(S): The short form of the word

So without further delay, here is the word list for today:

Korean Core 6k – Week 1 Day 2

33 문제
問題 )
문제가 쉽다 The question is easy.
34 경제
經濟 )
경제정책 Economic policy
35 서랍 속 The inside of a drawer (X) 겉 (outside)
36 3살 Three years old
37 더 드세요 Eat some more.
38 의미
意味 )
단어의 의미 The meaning of the word
39 지나다 여름이 지나고 가을이 왔다 Summer has passed, and autumn is here. (>>) 1이 지니다
(=) 지나가다 (pass)
40 집을 구하다 To purchase a house
41 그렇다 그런 사람 That kind of person
42 의하다
依― )
관례에 의하여 According to custom (>>) 의한
(>>) 의하면
(>>) 의하여
(>>) 1이 2에 의하다
43 위를 보세요 Look above (you). (X) 아래 (below)
44 만들다 자동차를 만들다 Make cars (>>) 1이 2를 만들다
45 보이다 호수가 보였다 A lake came into sight (>>) 1이 보이다
(S) 뵈다
46 나타나다 그가 내 꿍에 나타났다 He appeared in my dream. (>>) 1이 2에 나타나다
47 가지다 현금을 가지다 To carry cash (>>) 1이 2를 가지다
(S) 갖다
48 나라
나라를 다스리다 To govern a country (=) 국가 (nation)
49 명사
名詞 )
남성명사 A masculine noun
50 나다 수염이 나다 A beard grows (>>) 1에 2가 나다
51 사실
事實 )
사실과 다르다 Different than the truth (=) 정말 (fact)
52 먹다 다 먹다 Eat everything (>>) 1이 2를 먹다
(R) 자시다
53 정도
程度 )
10%정도 About ten percent
54 사회
社會 )
사회에 진출하다 Become a working member of society
55 점을 찍다 Mark a dot
56 주다 선물을 주다 Give a present (R) 드리다
(X) 받다
57 후보
候補 )
대통령 후보 Candidate for the presidency
58 나오다 그녀는 방에사 나오지 않았다 She didn’t come out of her room (>>) 1이 2에/로 나오다
59 잘 가르치다 Teach well
60 생각하다 원인을 생각하다 Think of the cause (>>) 1이 2를 생각하다
61 전에 만나던 사람 A person I’ve met before
62 미국
美國 )
미국 대사관 The American embassy
63 이러하다 이야기는 결국 이러하다 The story boils down to this. (>>) 1이 이러하다
(S) 이렇다
64 내다 리포트를 내다 To submit a report (>>) 1이 2에 3을 내다

Don’t forget to go to the Korean core 6k Week 1 Day 2 Practice section to test your knowledge of the above words! (To be completed soon).

What did you think of today’s words? Too difficult? Too easy? Just right?
Let us know in the comments section below!

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