Korean Core 6k – Week 1 Day 1

Korean Core 6k - Week 1 Day 1 (FlyIntoBooks.com)
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Hello everyone! Welcome to the first week and first day of FlyIntoBooks.com‘s Korean core 6k. This is the start of the Korean vocabulary series of our Korean Language Walkthrough. This vocabulary series will help you learn the most frequent words in the Korean language.

This vocabulary series is for Korean learners who are Upper Beginner to Lower Intermediate. (NOTE: you need to be able to read Hangeul. If you don’t know how to read Hangeul yet then go here to go through our FREE Hangeul Master course -> to be completed).

A few months ago, FlyIntoBooks.com successfully pulled out a Korean core frequency list from the KAIST corpus. From that corpus, we developed our own Korean Core 6k which includes the most frequently used Korean words in the order of most frequent to least frequent.

The Korean frequency list we pulled out goes up well above 10k words. However, we will first start with the Korean core 6k. Later if there is demand for the Korean core 10k we will produce that too.

Notice in our Korean core 6k list that we don’t focus on simple L1->L2 word meanings. Instead we use L2 sentences that include the L2 target word, as well as the L1 translation of the L2 sentence.

This helps you to learn the most frequent Korean words in context, and also helps you start reading Korean sentences from the get-go.

Here is the codes used in the last column of the table:
(>>): The usual structure of the sentence
(X): The antonym of the word.
(=): The synonym of the word.
(R): The respectful form of the word.

If you have finished studying Week 1 Day 1 of our Korean core 6k, then go to this page (To be completed) to check your understanding and usage of the words.

Korean Core 6k – Week 1 Day 1

1 하다 운동을 하다. to do exercise
2 있다 사람이 있다. There is a person.
3 없다 그는 지금 한국에 없다. He is not in Korea now.
4 되다 배우가 되다. to become an actor
5 사람 저 사람 that person (over there) (=) 인간 (human)
6 같다 같은 사전

the same dictionary (=) 동일하다 (identical)
(X) 다르다 (different)
7 보다 광경을 보다 To see the scenary
8 관계(關係) 관계가 있다 Be related (to)
9 아니다 이 것은 내 것이 아니다 This is not mine. (>>) 1이 2가 아니다
10 대하다
對― )
이 문제에 대해 About this problem (>>) 1이 2에 대하다 (=) 관하다 (concerning)
11 처음 만났을 때 The first time we met
12 가다 공항에 가다 To go to the airport (X) 오다 (to come)
13 들다 방에 들다 To come into a room (>>) 1이 2에/로 들다
14 말과 글 Speech and writing (=) 소리 (words)
(=) 소리 (sound/noise)
15 넓은 들 Wide fields
16 위하다
爲― )
학생들을 위한 도서돤 A library for students (>>) 1이 2를 위하다
17 오다 부엌으로 오다 To come to the kitchen (>>) 1이 2에 오다
(X) 가다 (to go)
18 다르다 다른 느낌 Different feeling (>>) 1이 (2와) 다르다
(X) 같다 (same)
19 많다 그는 친구가 많다 He has a lot of friends (>>) 1이 많다
(X) 적다 (little amount)
20 받다 선물을 받다 To get a present. (R) 받잡다
(X) 주다 (to give)
21 일이 많다 Have a lot of work to do
22 경우
境遇 )
내 경우에는 In my case
23 말하다 짧게 말하다 Say a few words (>>) 1이 2에 3를 말하다
(>>) 1이 2에 3-고 말하다
(=) 이야기하다
24 따르다 그녀를 따르다 To follow her (>>) 1이 2를 따르다
25 알다 사실을 알다 To know the fact (>>) 1이 2를 알다
26 일본
日本 )
일본사람들 Japanese people
27 크다 눈이 크다 To have big eyes (>>) 1이 크다
(X) 작다 (small/little)
28 구성
構成 )
문장 구성 The sentence organization
29 구조
構造 )
경제 구조 Economic structure
30 책상 앞 In front of the desk
31 다음 다음 날 The next day
32 좋다 좋은 학교 Good school (>>) 1이 좋다
(X) 나쁘다 (bad)

Don’t forget to go to the Korean core 6k Week 1 Day 1 Practice section to test your knowledge of the above words! (To be completed soon).

What did you think of today’s words? Too difficult? Too easy? Just right?
Let us know in the comments section below!

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