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What is Extensive Reading?

Extensive reading is reading as much as possible in a second language for pleasure. You read books that you have 95%+ comprehension of so that you can read quickly, smoothly and easily.

This method allows you to read many many real sentences from authentic sources. For example, you can read short books, web comics, news articles, etc. These are all sources that native speakers also read on a daily basis and so aren’t changed to a more simple version for learners of a language.

In short, you read many books or other texts fluently at a level that is easy for you. You do so because you like reading that book, for example, rather than to study.

Extensive Reading helps you:

– learn new words from context
– get used to and understand more complex sentences.
– reinforce words you’ve already seen or know
– get used to reading quickly
– finish books in reasonable amounts of time, so that you don’t bored

Extensive Reading has three rules:

1. Don’t look up words in the dictionary.
2. Skip over parts you don’t understand.
3. If you aren’t enjoying one book, toss it aside and get another.

Also, don’t forget to keep track of your progress.

Korean Language Books for Extensive Reading:

Here is a list of books in the Korean Language that I am reading/have read for extensive reading. I also have lots of associated materials and information to help you follow the track I have journeyed on.

We are here to help you improve your Korean language skills, and reading Korean language books and web comics extensively is one of the best ways to help you do just that. The best thing is it’s all pleasure and no pain!

So here’s the list:

A. Korean Literary Novels:

  1. 재식주의자 (The Vegetarian) – by 한강 (Han Kang)
  2. 소년가 온다 (Human Acts) – by 한강 (Han Kang)
  3. 빛의 제국 (Your Republic is Calling You) – by 김영하 (Young-ha Kim)
  4. 나는 나를 피괴할 권리가 있다 (I have the right to destroy myself) – by 김영하 (Young-ha Kim)

B. Korean Non-Fiction Books:

  1. 중학생을 위한 딱 2시간 한국사 (History of Korean in only 2 hours for Middle School Students)

What other Korean language books are you interested in?
Let me know in the comment section below!

A.J. McMahon