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Extensive Listening in Korean!

Not only do we need extensive reading in Korean for our Korean language skills, but we also need extensive listening in Korean as well! The best way to get extensive listening resources for Korean is through the app called “Podcast Addict”.

Get Started in Extensive Listening!

First, go to “Podcast Addict” app home screen on your mobile phone. Then go to settings (the gear on the bottom right). After that, go to the ‘language’ option. Then ‘podcast languages’ and tick the language you want to extensively listen in. For our case we want Korean Language.

Now, you should search some interesting podcasts you want to listen to. CLik on the (+) button to add podcasts. If you changed your podcast language only to Korean, then you can see the trending podcasts for Korean, as well as popular podcasts for different categories in Korean. It is such an easy way to find good podcasts that you can listen nonstop everyday!

Following is a list of the podcasts that I like (remember this is based on my interest: particurlaly history, society and politics kkkkkk):


  1. ‘타박’ ‘타박’ 역사시행 – MBC
  2. 교보문고 라이크 역사 – 교보문고
  3. (KBS) 다규멘터리 역사를 찾아서 – KBS 한민족 (972MHz)
  4. (종영) 글로벌 한국사 그날 세계는 – KBS 1R (97.3MHz
  5. 다시, 또 역사


  1. 코리아헤럴드 팟캐스트 – KoreaHerald
  2. TBS 김어준의 뉴스공장 – tbs 교통방송

So! Let’s start doing extensive listening in Korean as well!
Not only do you get to practice your listening skills, but you get to understand the hot topics that are happening in Korea at the moment! There’s a lot of news that can just get lost if you don’t keep a good ear on the news!

Are you doing extensive listening too? Have you listened to any of the above podcasts or others? Let me know in the comments section below!!

A.J. McMahon

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