Chess Openings – How to Destroy Your Opponent in the Open Game

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Chess Openings: The Open Game (1. e4 e5)

We always try to destory opponents with chess openings. But what are the best chess openings?

Well, most chess games by young players and even Grand Masters start with 1. e4 e5. This chess opening is called the Open Game.

The best Open Game Opening to improve your chess is the Italian Game. White plays 1. e4 and black responds in kind with 1. …e5.

This is the opening most people play because it follows one of the principles of the chess opening: Control the Centre.

The centre is the four squares: d4, e4, d5 and e5. By playing 1. e4 white controls the central square d5. Then when black plays 1. …e5, black controls the central square d4.

Play through the opening with notes below in‘s lichess study.

After this, white often responds with 2. Nf3 which immediately attacks black’s pawn on e5. This is called the King Knight’s Opening.

By playing 2. Nf3, white is threatening to take black’s e5 pawn and thus disrupt black’s control of the center.

White can also respond in other ways on the second move, which all branch into other chess openings (all in the Open Game chess opening family):

2. Bc4 – the Bishops’s Opening (C23)
2. Nc3 – the Vienna Game (C27)
2. f4 – the King’s Gambit (C30)
2. d4 – the Center Game (C21)

Click the above links to see where the Open Game leads to and how you can destroy your opponent with the Open Game (1.e4 e5)!!

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