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How to Study a Language Fast & Effectively - The Lexical Approach (FlyIntoBooks.com)

The Lexical Approach – How to Study a Language Fast!

The lexical Approach is a great way to study a language fast. It has gained popularity in the English teaching world with...
Let's Read The Vegetarian (채식주의자) - Day 1 (FlyIntoBooks.com)

Let’s Read “The Vegetarian” (채식주의자) in Korean – Day 1

Hello, everyone! It's day 1 and currently I'm following my extensive reading plan by reading "The Vegetarian" by Han Kang in Korean....
Korean Core 6k - Week 1 Day 1 (FlyIntoBooks.com)

Korean Core 6k – Week 1 Day 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first week and first day of FlyIntoBooks.com's Korean core 6k. This is the start of the Korean...
Language Super Challenge 2019 (FlyIntoBooks.com)

Language Super Challenge

Language Super Challenge 2019 So, here it is! The Language Super Challenge 2019!By the end of December 2019, you...

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