Language Super Challenge

Language Super Challenge 2019 So, here it is! The Language Super Challenge 2019!By the end of December 2019, you need to read 100 books and watch 100 movies/podcasts! It’s one way to dramatically improve your language skills in Korean by actually listening and reading authentic Korean materials. How to join the Language Super Challenge 2019??… Continue reading Language Super Challenge

Extensive Listening

Extensive Listening in Korean! Not only do we need extensive reading in Korean for our Korean language skills, but we also need extensive listening in Korean as well! The best way to get extensive listening resources for Korean is through the app called “Podcast Addict”. Get Started in Extensive Listening! First, go to “Podcast Addict”… Continue reading Extensive Listening

Let’s Read “The Vegetarian” (채식주의자) in Korean – Day 1

Hello, everyone! It’s day 1 and currently I’m following my extensive reading plan by reading “The Vegetarian” by Han Kang in Korean. This is a new series in order to improve acquisition of new Korean words from context and reinforce the Korean words we already learnt. Here are words that I wanted to learn or… Continue reading Let’s Read “The Vegetarian” (채식주의자) in Korean – Day 1

Korean Core 6k – Week 1 Day 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first week and first day of‘s Korean core 6k. This is the start of the Korean vocabulary series of our Korean Language Walkthrough. This vocabulary series will help you learn the most frequent words in the Korean language. This vocabulary series is for Korean learners who are Upper Beginner… Continue reading Korean Core 6k – Week 1 Day 1

The Lexical Approach – How to Study a Language Fast!

The lexical Approach is a great way to study a language fast. It has gained popularity in the English teaching world with the construction of large corpus such as COBUILD and the Bank of English. The Lexical Approach started with Michael Lewis and his publication of ‘The Lexical Approach – The state of ELT and… Continue reading The Lexical Approach – How to Study a Language Fast!