A Poem About Loss – by A.J. McMahon

A Poem About Loss - By A.J. McMahon (Flyintobooks)
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Poetry by A.J. McMahon

This is a poem that I wrote myself.

It is a poem about loss.

What do you think of it?

I would really love to hear your honest feedback to improve my practise.
Let me know in the comments below!


If we scatter the fallen petals,

around the lake,

is it the ripples that flow over the water,

or, is it the sadness that

flows across our minds?

Be still and sit,

we can’t control it,

we need to let it flow,

like a cascading river over us.

The icy cold waterfall hits us, and

wakes us from our youthful slumber.

We, who sleepwalk, through time,

thinking that we are strong,

when in fact we have such

fragile hearts, which break like

porcelain vases, dropped

through slippery fingers,

hitting the hard ground,

scattering, scattering the blue and white pieces like

our thoughts, looking and searching for you.

We look for them,

in the shadows they have left,

but it is only darkness we see.

Walking, we search for them,

at their usual haunting grounds,

thinking their face will appear,

among the mass of spectators we see.

They look at our frown, as they contemplate,

why we do not act as we should do.

Smile, be happy, live as if there is no sadness,

no rain clouds hanging above us,

letting its raindrops, fall,

fall down, as that neverending

gravity intended.

Fall, fall, let them fall,

hitting our heads, splashing our clothes,

wetting our souls, wilting our skin,

as we soak our bodies,

in our thoughts of you.

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A.J. McMahon

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      A.J. McMahon says:

      Thank you very much!!
      I feel it’s something that everyone will experience or have experienced at least once in their lives. I really feel like poetry is a good way to convey your emotions or sensations just like music.

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